Lindsay Hughes

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Sports performance

Solution focussed hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficial for individual athletes as well as sports teams. It’s not only professional athletes that can benefit, though.

Amateur sports people can come across a vast amount of pressure and can benefit from sports hypnosis just as much as professionals.

Perhaps you have committed yourself to a tough physical challenge and are worried about completing it. Whatever your reason, if you are looking to make a change to your mindset in order to improve your physical performance, hypnotherapy could benefit you. Sports hypnosis can be helpful for coaches and managers, too.

The techniques hypnotherapy will teach you are invaluable skills to pass on to your athletes.

Covid-19 update for clients
In light of recent changes in Government guidelines (Jan 2021), I will be working via Zoom for Hypnotherapy sessions. I am placing massage sessions on hold for the time being and will revise this in due course.