Imagine sitting round the dinner table and all of a sudden you begin to focus on someone eating and the sound that they make. It might make you irritated or even angry. You might even need to leave the table. You might even feel that the person making the noise is doing it on purpose.


Misophonia is a debilitating condition which effects people’s tolerance of everyday sounds, such as eating, coughing, breathing etc.

This trigger creates the ‘flight or fight response’. Our primitive brain takes over and we cant decipher between what is harmless and what is a threat.

Both my children have varying degrees of Misophonia so I found it fascinating when I started to research the condition (only after months of arguments at the dinner table before realising there was something not quite right).

The good news is that along with other therapies, hypnotherapy can really help in two ways, firstly it can help a client learn to focus on other sounds and secondly it can help reduce the anxiety which develops from the trigger.

So if this sounds like you or you know someone who might suffer from Misophonia then do get in touch for a consultation and begin to take control.

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