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Do you suffer from back pain at work?…

I have had a fantastic weekend working at VegFest Bristol, the team of therapists worked hard all weekend, chatting with people about their aches and pains. It always surprises me how many people struggle with back pain from their work place environment, especially now, as the workplace is constantly changing. Some people who I chatted with hot desk in different offices or freelance and work in cafes, therefore  height of the chair or computer screen is constantly changing. This puts pressure on your back, creating both upper and lower back pain and even pain down both arms. Making simple adjustments and having more awareness of where and how you sit at work can make a huge difference mentally and physically.

  • Raise your laptop, ensuring that the bottom of the screen is at chin level.
  • When sitting at a desk, make sure your feet are flat on the floor.
  • Height of your chair should allow your thighs to be angled downwards slightly.
  • Don’t slouch, this puts tension in your neck and shoulders roll forward.
  • Do simple stretches, move around regularly.
  • Have support, place a small cushion in the small of the back.


back pain at work

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